Aude provides design consultancy services in architecture, interior design and styling. Her approach is tactile, sensitive, delicate and intuitive, yet functional and results driven.

From design to execution, with a great grasp of architectural principles, materials, administration procedures and construction techniques, Aude brings projects to life.

As a créateur d'atmosphère, Aude draws from many disciplines to design and realize architectural visions that add quality of life, space and beauty through originality and inventiveness.

DESA, architecture graduation project with Paul Virilio, Paco Rabanne, Philippe Guillemet, Karim Bekdache (Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture, Paris)


@ b-architecten - KdG Campus Meir, Antwerp - Project Leader – price and contracting phase & site supervision for the demolition
@ VIVA architecture - The Duke, Brussel - Project Architect – from tender phase to site supervision

Selection of key projects (full scope of work, from Design to execution)
Office space, diamond district, Antwerp (BE)
Extension of the group practice Medineth, Grobbendonk (BE)
Renovation & extension Oude Luxor Theatre, Rotterdam  (NL)

ASSOCIATE ARCHITECT @ EEA (erick van egeraat associated architects)
Selection of key projects
Stadsschouwburg Haarlem (NL)
Private Villa, Ringvaartweg Rotterdam (NL)
Office tower Mahler 4 Amsterdam (NL)
Milanofiori Business Park Milan (IT)

AJN architecture jean nouvel - architect
DESA - Graduated Architect at Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture
Thesis advisors & jury members: Paul Virilio, Paco Rabanne, Philippe Guillemet, Karim Bekdache
VOGUE fashion magazine

On building site meeting with the roofer to check and define the shape of the thatched roof. Private residence Rotterdam (NL)

On building site meeting with the roofer to check and define the shape of the thatched roof. Private residence Rotterdam (NL)


Aude speaks French, English and Dutch.

She chooses for a direct yet diplomatic communication.

With her international experience, Aude is at ease in many environments, from formal presentation to board of directors and authorities to practical and technical building site meetings.

Mastery of computer tools such as Photoshop & AutoCAD enable Aude to create elegant and convincing images. Aude calls on collaborators to produce 3D images.

She communicates her ideas using sketches, drawings, mood boards, PowerPoint presentations, booklets.

Aude’s presentation skills enable her to articulate her vision and win over the team and customers.

Theaterdirecteur Marc van Kaam, architect Aude de Broissia en wethouder Adriaan Visser (rechts) bekijken de nieuw aangebouwde entree die niet alleen licht, maar ook 10 meter hoog is. photo Jan de Groen


Ambitious architectural projects demand a strong organizational skills, which are crucial for structuring the project effectively. Thanks to a her strong design awareness, Aude sets priorities, allocates resources wisely and addresses critical tasks promptly. By valuing team members Aude fosters collaboration and a positive working environment.

Aude's management skills find their roots in the Netherlands during her time as associate at EEA (Erick van Egeraat associated architects). With her own practice, she increases her capacity to adapt and to gather.

Fortnightly meeting on site with contractor (Groep Verhelst), demolition works KdG Campus Meir, Antwerp - @ b-architecten


Aude de Broissia Architecture Design

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