Orange Cyberdefense Netherlands

    Interior design for office space, Utrecht (NL)
    Client: Orange Cyberdefense Netherlands  formerly Securelink
    Area: 2000 m²
    Design September 2019, completion May 2020
    Building cost: € 1.400.000,-
    Address: Orteliuslaan 1001, 3528 BE Utrecht, The Netherlands

    Project management: Paul Roomer
    Main contractor: ToBuild Projects
    MEP contractor: InnQ Installaties B.V.
    Interior builder: Smeulders Interieurgroep
    Partition walls : Technowand
    Furniture : Lensvelt & Canoof

    22-09-2023 11:47


    Orange Cyberdefense is Europe's leading go-to security services provider, supporting businesses globally with the ambition to build a safer digital society.

    The project was commissioned by Securelink Netherlands at the moment that they were taken over by Orange Cyberdefense. The company had decided to move to Utrecht. The goal was to create a better office environment in their new building that would stay attractive to its own staff and comply to international standards. A place where they recognize themselves; a no-nonsense design.


    The building is located in business park Papendorp; described as centrally located, greener than green, ultra-modern and easily accessible.


    The atrium is the core of the building organising the space in 6 equal office floors. The client is occupying the ground floor and first floor. The second level is occupied by another company. The main access is from the exterior parking on level -1, highlighted by a majestic tree.


    The tree in the atrium is part of the design. It becomes a central meeting point and organises the program. It responds to the existing tree outside and emphasises the connection with the exterior. It literally offers a green view to the flexible workspaces on the first floor. This tree is just the start of bringing green in the building. Green zones will be spread throughout the building as the client succeeds to provide the necessary funds. Additional green room dividers will be executed in a later stage. Originally, the atrium was closed to the office floors by interior windows. Those internal façades have been removed on three places in order to open up the building. It provides an horizon and open, yet secured atmosphere.

    PROGRAM: 3 Zones - degrees of security

    The principles of the New Way of Working are followed to organise the office. Securelink was already used to teleworking. When people come to the office they are often there to meet with colleagues. The openness of the interior design promotes that those intended encounters make any unintentional, unexpected encounters happen automatically, naturally.
    The program is organized into three security zones.

    The first one is open to clients and employees. From the atrium access is given to the reception, the bar / relax area and the restaurant. The reception, with its solid oak desk, is generously welcoming clients and employees. The restaurant, bar and waiting area are open and accessible to everybody. It is a place to wait, meet, work, eat, lounge, think and do nothing.

    The second zone is for the employees and accompanied clients. Meeting rooms, concentration rooms, war room, playroom (snooker, pinball, video games, etc.) are captured in curved glazed walls to stimulate the flow of people and of communication. The transparency of these walls can be adjusted by lightly see-through curtains. There is sharp contrast between the workplaces, orthogonal, neutral and grey, and the meeting areas, curved and colorful.

    The third zone is highly secured and only accessible to a few authorized employees.  


    In the digital world, the need for a comfortable physical environment is crucial for team members to connect and relate. Wood, light grey and colored accents are the canvas for that comfortable environment. The tree and the green room dividers spread the green throughout the spaces. Although the corporate guidelines of Orange were not followed, still several pieces of furniture, lighting and accessories distribute touches of orange through the building. The loose furniture was to be a mix of wood and color. Second hand items contribute to the uniqueness of the design.

    Transparent and open, the design offers high levels of people and data security. Its casualness attracts young cyber talents. Its sophistication translates the client’s international ambitions, while respecting his original local identity.