IPMMC II Interior

    Interior design for office space, Utrecht (NL)
    Gross floor area: 3000 m2
    Client: IPMMC vastgoed http://www.ipmmc.nl/
    Casco building designed by Claus en Kaan Architecten, Rotterdam (NL)
    Design 2009-2010, realisation 2011

    22-09-2023 11:14

    The building designed by Claus en Kaan Architecten is located on a prominent place in the Utrecht business park Papendorp. The building is composed of 3 office floors of a total amount of 3000 m2 and a semi-underground parking level.
    The interior design supports IPMMC’s office policy of transparency and communication by maximizing the points of human interaction and displaying the office’s knowledge.
    Thanks to the full glass façade, loads of daylight penetrate deep into the building.
    Oversized, black elements contrast with the white envelope. They organise and give direction to the space.
    The central space on the entrance level is used for exhibitions, workshops, informal meetings, company presentations, etc. It is the place where the company exposes its work and knowledge. The space is keept as open as possible. The stairs in the void have been moved from the position, initially planned by the architect, to open up the space from the entrance all the way to the restaurant. It minimises traffic space at the same time.

    Long strips of dimmable light emphasizes the verticality of the void and connect the different floors. They comfortably soften the atmosphere, just like a chandelier would. This specific re-interpretation of the chandelier fits perfectly with contemporary office environments.

    An array of wooden boxes, designed like raw transportation crates, are made of artificially aged larch planks. They make the entrance counter, the exhibition table, the pantries and copy corners and the benches on all floors. Through the gap between the planks a yellow touch of color shines through.
    All wooden furniture of this type are points of human interaction and exchange.
    The same yellow color pops up throughout the entire building on the inside of black cabinets and on door frames.

    Office spaces are spread over the 3 levels. Two departments are on the ground floor, there is a landscape office on the first floor and the second floor houses individual offices.
    The boardroom and all internal meeting rooms are placed behind the core on one side of the building. On the ground floor, 3 meeting rooms are directly accessible from the central space, with view at the terrace. The large meeting is located closed to the entrance.
    A number of different wall types separate the spaces and rooms, each following the 1.8m façade module. All dry walls are perpendicular to the facade while all system walls are parallel to it. Both are 10cm wide. A custom-made system wall is made of floor-to-ceiling glass panels and large steel elements, including the doors. All elements are placed in one plane for elegant look and feel.


    Concentration workspaces on every floor provide occasional necessary extra privacy. These modules are placed along the void, the interior is finished with off-white felt. Narrow strips of glass and the absence of doors allow for visual connection with the rest of the working floor.
    The office floors are covered in carpet tiles with an extra felt backing to control the acoustics. On the first and second floor the traffic areas are finished in black oak parquet. The same parquet is used in the restaurant to give a “grand café” atmosphere. In the entrance hall, the void and the kitchen, grey composite stone give a homogenous impression.

    IPMMC re-used most of their existing furniture. The cabinets have been integrated in custom-made room dividers providing a unifom envelope. Their black felt backing creates acoustical comfort. The black and white color scheme eases the mix between old and new furniture.

    The terrace is located on top of the parking garage with direct access from the restaurant, meeting room and concept area. 4 elements with plants, grass and flower break the monotony and create separate areas: lunch, meeting, lounge, and barbecue. The same selection of plants is placed all around the terrace. In the shade of 2 olive-trees and protected from the environment, the terrace becomes a usable space for the client. For the selection of outside furniture, the same principle is applied as for the interior; oversized black and white.

    With subtle details and consistently executed basic principles, the design creates a new corporate identity for IPMMC: chic and reserved.