Möbius door handle together with Steven Simons

    Participation to hands on door handles international design competition promoted by designboom in collaboration with COLOMBO DESIGN

    21-04-2017 11:51

    born from the famous loop, the möbius door handle is the new ornament, both sensual and functional.
    The design intention is to create a comfortable product that is also nice to look at. the infinity of the loop creates a tactile and smooth object where no sharp edges can grab you sweater.
    from simple paper ribbon to clay model, the design was taken into 3D computer model in order to be able to perfectly control final dimension. different material could then be applied to the shape to finally decide on a selection of five; black, chrome, stainless-steel, white and gold.
    with these different finishings, it becomes an ornament that can integrate any environment; from highly contemporary to the most classical. inspired by sword handles, the loop protects your hand; a new sensation to open doors. because of the embracing shape, the door handles doesn’t need an extra rose plate. for the key hole, standard rose plate from the colombo collection can be used.