Office Hovenierstraat , Antwerp

    Office Hoveniersstraat 42, Antwerp (BE)
    Net floor area: 270 m2
    Client: Undisclosed 
    Interior renovation in diamond district
    Design 2012, realisation 2012
    Address: Hovenierstraat 42, 2018 Antwerpen
    Budget: undisclosed

    12-05-2023 13:46

    The project is located in the heart of the diamond district in Antwerp.
    The new office strengthens the company identity while providing state of the art security conditions and comfortable working environment.
    The use of space is optimized by a straightforward layout. “L” shape client counter to separate the office space from circulation. Lights are positioned in series of line to unify the spaces and create a link between ground floor and first floor. The fixed furniture realized in white washed oak and shiny white material reflects the lights.
    Particular attention is given to the selection of materials; a grey vinyl floor finishing was chosen to support heavy traffic. The blues define the spaces and the circulation. Real eye-catcher, the floor to ceiling, blue glass panels are used as balustrade for the staircase.
    In a white surrounding, the blue accents create the atmosphere.